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Storage instructions for bottarga:

Do not remove the wax coating until ready to consume.
Always cut serving portions in width, using a sharp, serrated knife, then remove wax. Remove thin outer skin if desired.
Store remaining wax coated bottarga in a zip lock bag or saran wrap in fridge. Do not freeze.

Suggested serving:

Bottarga is generally eaten as an appetizer. Slice thin, serve with a touch of olive oil and lime, accompanied by crackers and / or green olives.
Suggested spirits include: Arak, Pernaud, Anisette, Vodka, fig liquor or Tequila.
If you intend to grate the bottarga, remove it from the wax a day or two before in order to dry it more.

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Ingredients: Mullet roe, sea salt, sodium benzoate.
Allergy statement: Product may have come into contact with traces of wheat, eggs, milk, peanuts or tree nuts.

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